Development of mobile applications for the business on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

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Experts in development of
mobile applications will help:

  • Simplify the access
    to your product
    The possibilities of presenting information in the phone are almost unlimited. Audio, video, images, text, map information - all at your disposal. Properly submitted information will increase the chances of selling at times.
  • Overtake the competitors
    Do your competitors yet not have a mobile application, or it appeared later than yours? So you have a chance to overtake them in audience reach and even completely displace them from the market.
  • Cut down expenses
    Applications for mobile phones will reduce the cost of call-center maintenance, reducing the burden of taking orders. It will help reduce the cost of discount cards. Reduce the number of customer requests for information about the state of orders.
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Native mobile application development
  • Increase the repeated appeals
    Once installed the application, your customers will refer to it again and again. You get a loyal customer, which has no need to be reminded of your existence. A customer will be more pleasant to work with you, because now he has a lot more freedom, where, when and how to make a purchase.
  • Increase the recognition
    We will make your mobile app is really useful and interesting tool for the user. This app will provide you with the viral spread of information about you and your products or services, strong brand recognition and high image in the eyes of the public.
  • Increase sales
    Mobile applications perfectly integrated with social networks, and information from your mobile application is taken up by a wave of re-publications. And this means that there will be more potential customers, and each of them in the future - your regular customer and supporter of the brand.

Mobile applications in London

The variety of means of cellular service requires creating new programs which will be convenient and attractive for an ordinary consumer. Development of mobile applications in London is conducted at the high level. This allows to create the modern programs with good functions.

iPhone devices are the undoubted leader on the market of cell phones. So, the development of iOs applications (and app selling in Apple AppStore) occupies a big segment in the Russian IT industry. Our company appreciates high quality design of Apple products, their work speed and convenience of their use. Therefore we are glad to offer our clients convenient and functional iPhone applications.

The development of applications for Android is another important direction of our work, because devices on the basis of operating system by the Google company aren't just very popular, they really compete with iPhones. A set of applications which was liked by the users of iOS receive the second life in phones on Android. Our specialists will make an application for you that will work efficiently on the Android.

To begin the promotion of your application, it is worth thinking of the publication of reviews in network media. The review on your application will be published on highly specialized resources (,,,,, where observers regularly place the feedbacks on technical novelties and programs. It will be after you provide them with free version of the program. The positive feedback is like the most effective advertising for your product.

What operating system is used by your target audience? Whatever platform you have chosen, Windows Phone, Android or iOs, we will develop any application. Besides, our company creates the own programs with paid and free content. The low price for the consumer, simplicity of downloading and reliability are the most important criteria which we always follow.

The mobile applications
realized by us

Development of mobile application for Beeline

The client: Beeline

App provides access to
extensive base of TV series.
A great application
for a fan of TV series.
Works on
Development of mobile application for Sestritsa

The client: Sestritsa

With this mobile application you can order the delivery of pure water in any place and at any time which is convenient for you! Ordering the water by one click, fast loading, convenient menu for choosing the order conditions, instant calculation of the order price, function “Repeat the order”, possibility of saving the templates, SMS notification about processing of your application, a discount of 10 rubles from each order.
Works on
Development of mobile application for BIM-radio

The client: BIM-radio

An official application of «БИМ-радио» radio station.
Besides listening to the music, it is possible to vote for the songs that you liked, to look through the TOP of songs and even to send a message to live broadcasting!
Works on

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The cost of mobile application

The price depends on the scope of work. The price for the development of mobile applications starts from $2,000.

What does affect the cost?

  • the complexity of the design and abundance of graphic elements
  • the need to develop API
  • the need for user to be able to login to app
  • integration with accounting programs or web server
  • the need for Push notifications
  • the need for permanent updating
  • the need for a complex programmable modules and etc.

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Look at what we can do in
the mobile app

— Perhaps you do not know about all —

Development of mobile games

Investing in mobile games

passive income on investment in the game

  • Full development cycle of all types of games,
    from concept to placement in stores.
  • Your project will work under the guidance of
    a team of professionals of high quality developer
    with extensive experience of creating successful games.

The catalog of goods with actions and discounts

The catalog of goods with actions and discounts

Makes it possible to purchase goods right in the application

  • The client will be able to make purchases as simple as possible, without having an access to the desktop computer or opportunity to go to shop
  • Information about your discounts, marketing and advertising campaigns will most likely reach to the interested client with the greatest probability and provoke him to repeat the purchase

The discount card

The discount card

is always with the client in his smartphone

  • The client gets all advantages of the card of the regular customer, at the same time there is no need to order lots of discount cards
  • The news delivery is not similar to spam unlike the mailings on e-mail or phone and doesn't get under spam filters.

Repeated orders

Repeated orders

the loyalty programs, motivating to new purchases

  • Helps to lower the workload of call center and to reduce your costs on this department.
  • The application can integrate with your discount system and by that, it can increase the loyalty and satisfaction of the client even more.

Tracking the order status

Tracking the order status

tracking the location while waiting for delivery

  • During the waiting time, there is an opportunity to inform the client about the other offers of the company which client will definitely check.
  • Helps to lower the workload of call center and to reduce your costs on this department.

СМИ в мобильном

Media in mobile phone

delivery of articles, music, video directly to the client’s phone

  • You can influence on client’s behavior, delivering the news which are necessary for him and pleasantly surprise with useful and interesting information
  • Advertising efficiency in the application is higher, than on the website, the income from advertising will increase

Also we can read out information
from the following functions of smartphone



to the cardinal

of routes

Measurement of distances,
steps, sizes

Definition of a vector
of gravitation

recording the video,
photo and sounds.

and recognition
of texts

and lots of other functions
contact us to get more information.

These companies already increase sales
with the help of mobile applications

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